Ayurveda asks of us to reconnect and find harmony in our bodies and minds. This timeless science lays out a blue print for us to remember and come back to who we are as balanced and whole beings, we simply have to answer the call. Allow me to be your guide on this journey to discovering your true nature- the alchemical blend of Earth, Fire, Water, Air, and Ether and step back into your most vibrant and beautifully unique self.

To live in harmony with yourself is a choice to change your lifestyle, to choose to move towards balance, and to come back to the state of well being. Ayurveda is a journey and a tool to cultivating a way of living that looks at the seasons, lunar cycles, and stages of life as guides for living aligned- we are microcosms of the grander Universe. Sessions are recommended to be purchased in packages once beyond the Essential Ayurveda Consultation. Why? Because ongoing lifestyle guidance will best support your bodies healing and moving forward with deep understanding of your mind/body type and the needs that go along with it.

Sessions are held at:

  • Soham Yoga & Wellness | 12 N. Main St. Miamisburg, Ohio

Essential Ayurveda | $100

The Essential Ayurveda assessment is a prerequisite to any further sessions to establish your current state and what your balanced Constitution is. This is a foundation building block to creating a vibrant life.

  • 90 minute Assessment
  • Identify Mind/Body Type
  • Identify Imbalances in Mind, Body, & Spirit
  • Tongue & Nail Assessment
  • Discuss Health and Wellness Goals
  • Receive Starter Recommendations
  • Follow Up Email of Assessment & Recommendations

Elemental Ayurveda | $195

This Intro to Ayurveda Package is designed for those who are new to Ayurveda and will educate on the philosophy and application of the practices. We will then build a plan of protocol that serves your Constitution holistically to work towards your wellness goals.

  • Three 60 minute Sessions
    • Session One: Ayurvedic Concepts & Your Personal Plan
    • Session Two: Follow Up & Additional Support
    • Session Three: Deepening Your Daily Routine

 * Prerequisite: Essential Ayurveda

Elemental Ayurveda Yoga | $195

This is an Intro to Ayurveda Yoga package that will support beginner andseasoned students alike. Begin to understand the philosophy and application of Ayurveda to your life and yoga practice for a holistic approach to wellness that supports your unique constitution.

  • Three 60 minute Sessions
    • Session One: Your Personal Plan & Asana Recommendations
    • Session Two: Yoga for your Body Type
    • Session Three: Continuing practice of Asana, Pranayama, & meditation for your Constitution

* Prerequisite: Essential Ayurveda


Body Freedom

The Body Freedom Sessions are advanced for those who understand the Ayurvedic philosophy and/or would like to dive deeper into creating wholeness by harmonizing with their Constitution and finding freedom in the Body Temple. These sessions offer more time and space to build effective lifestyle routines around self care ritual, right diet for stoking agni & reducing toxicity, along with spiritual growth. With each meeting we will grow and build your Ayurvedic lifestyle with deeper understanding of your mind, body, & spirit.

Body Freedom Lifestyle | $195

Three 60 minute Sessions

  • Ojas Session: Strengthening the body, balancing the emotions using daily & cyclical ritual and routine.
  • Tejas Session: Stoking Agni & reducing Ama through food, cleansing methods, and healing the food relationship through balanced eating.
  • Prana Session: Support Spiritual & Inner Growth by moving energy, mantra, meditation, and breathwork.

 * Prerequisite: Essential Ayurveda & understanding of Ayurveda

Body Freedom Yoga | $195

Three 60 minute Sessions

  • Ojas Yoga: Finding rest & stress reduction through restorative asana and learn to fortify the body with coping skills.
  • Tejas Yoga: Stoking the Inner Fire through Asana, building strong digestion & inner radiance.
  • Prana Yoga: Create a meditation & pranayama practice through use of guided meditation, yoga nidra, breathwork, and mantra to support spiritual growth.

 * Prerequisite: Essential Ayurveda & understanding of Ayurveda

Begin the Journey and Schedule Your Session

Please read disclaimer and policies before requesting appointments as it may help answer some of your questions ahead of time. Questions may be emailed to janae@ayurbabe.com

Session Descriptions:

Assessment | Your 90 minute assessment is a question and answer session that allows for better understanding of what your current state is and what your inherent Constitution {mind/body type} is, and how your life is a reflection of these. Your assessment will also become the foundation for beginning to introduce practices that are more supportive of your elemental nature. Clients are encouraged to express health and wellness goals or current conditions that are wishing to change. The Essential Ayurveda session will provide: Your Constitution, Imbalances that may be present in Body & Mind, An understanding of your elemental make up, three recommendations to get you started.

Follow Up | These sessions allow for time to review and check in on your current protocol. These may lead to revision depending on season, stage of life, or something to suit your lifestyle with more ease.

Ojas | Strengthen your body, the container for your spirit, through the practices of self love and care. Ojas is the sweet nectar of life that when cultivated promotes a strong immune system, balanced emotions, and over all feelings of good health. In this session your constitution will be identified along with any imbalances and we will create a daily self care plan you are committed to, pulling from wisdom that has been passed down for centuries to promote natural beauty and good health. The Ojas Session is right for you if you are fatigued, experiencing 'burn-out', hold the mindset of 'self-sacrificer', feelings of dullness, lacking inspiration, a new mama, experiencing life changes, working with chronic illness and are seeking moments of compassion and loving-kindness in your daily routine.

Tejas | Kindle your inner radiance through strengthening your Agni. Ayurveda teaches us to worship our agni and we will have health and vitality and radiate natural beauty. The Tejas Session is designed to focus on igniting and balancing your inner fire through understanding our constitution, proper diet, learning how to eat mindfully and in line with natures rhythms, identify toxins and how to eliminate them. The Tejas Session is right for those experiencing any of the following: digestive upset from heartburn, indigestion, gas, bloating, or chronic nausea. Kindling Agni, our digestive fire, also helps eliminate foggy brain, energy slumps, skin conditions, constipation/diarrhea, and addresses concerns for weight loss or gain.

Prana | The Prana Session is designed to support spiritual and inner growth. Begin to uncover and discover your Divine gifted constitution and how you can create meaningful practices to clear energy, gain clarity, manifest your desires, and tune into your spirit. Sessions include identifying mind/body type, identify blocked energies, pranayama {breathwork}, meditation, increase self worth, love and belief to welcome change. The Prana Session is right for you if you are seeking a connection to your higher self, feeling stagnant in your life, lack clarity on your path in life, struggle with feelings of self doubt and uncertainty.