Self Care | Mouth

In creating meaningful self care we have to look at all areas of our life and the little daily routines that add up. One of the easiest places to begin is your mouth. This is the doorway to your body, babes- it is the first step of digestion, our main mode of communication, and plays a starring role in how we project and are perceived in the world through the expressions of our mouths. Ayurveda offers simple solutions to creating a healthier and more vibrant oral care routine which leads to a happier more vibrant digestive tract and bod!

Daily Routine:

Tongue Scraping | If I were being cast off on a deserted island I would honestly choose a tongue scraper over a tooth brush. This stainless steel horseshoe looking tool is used first thing in the morning to remove toxins that have accumulated on the tongue during your sleeping hours. Its both gross and fascinating in the morning to see what color and consistency of Ama {toxins} comes off your tongue.

  • Vata Excess: Gray or Brown in color, thin and watery
  • Pitta Excess : Yellow or Pinkish in color, thicker consistency
  • Kapha Excess: White in color, thick and sticky texture

Tongue scraping not only allows you to remove this toxic buildup your body worked so hard to excrete during the night but it also helps clue you in on what is happening internally.

Toothpaste | According to Ayurveda even the type of toothpaste you use is important. Most toothpastes on the market are sweet and minty in flavor. This sweet taste stimulates Kapha in the mouth by thickening the saliva. The next time you brush your teeth take note to how your saliva feels in the mouth before and after brushing. When I use a sweet toothpaste I tend to notice my tongue feels heavy and my saliva is slightly thicker and feels like it is coating my mouth more closely. This thick saliva invites bacteria to stick around and for plaque to build up. Ayurvedic toothpastes focus on the Astringent and Bitter tastes to help thin the saliva and inhibit plaque build up.

Toothbrush | The more natural you can go the better- this high vibration brushing babes! Consider brushes that are made of bamboo or biodegradable plant based products. Choose brushes with soft bristles and brush lightly {I'm looking at you Pitta}

Mouth Rinse | If you are prone to plaque buildup or disease of the gums a medicinal mouth wash can make a world of difference. And for those who don't have these issues a mouth wash can be beneficial for continuing your good oral health. A simple wash can be made of 2 parts water, 1 part Neem oil, and one part Tea Tree Oil. Use after your evening brushing before bed by swishing for 60-90 seconds and then spit and rinse. Use high grade organic oils.

Treat Yourself

Oil Pulling | If you are using a mouth rinse daily then Oil Pulling can be that lavish once a week spa treatment your mouth has always dreamed of. Oil pulling is a practice used to pull bacteria, build-up, and debris from the deep crevices and corners of the mouth and out from the gums by swishing oil for 3-20 minutes. There are all sorts of fancy oil pulling concoctions on the market but my favorite is simple grapeseed oil. If you are a pitta type and prone to canker sores coconut oil can be a wise choice as it is more cooling in nature.

Doshic Guidelines:

Vata types experience a lot of dryness- dry lips and scanty saliva. Take care to stay hydrated and using a daily oil based mouth rinse can help your mouth tissue stay moist enough to function properly. A dry tongue cannot taste and therefore impedes on healthy digestion as our bodies begin the digestion process from that first taste!

Pitta types tend to be aggressive in their oral care- these are the heavy handed brushers! So lighten up on your grip, brush gently, and add peppermint to your mouth rinse or oil pulling regime to help cool the mouth. Pittas are more prone to canker sores, swollen gums, and bleeding so think calm and cool when it comes to taking care of your mouth.

Kapha types are more prone to buildup of plague and tartar- you are the opposite of Vata in that you produce more than enough saliva and it becomes a playground for oral illness. Taking care to be diligent in your oral care and use Ayurvedic products to help you keep your saliva production in check rather than stimulating an abundance!

Self care need not be complicated dear friends. It can be as simple as this. Let me know if you try any or all- I love hearing self care success stories! Xo