1:1 Ayurveda Lifestyle Session

The Ojas Session | $88 | 60 minutes

Strengthen your body, the container for your spirit, through the practices of self love and care. Ojas is the sweet nectar of life that when cultivated promotes a strong immune system, balanced emotions, and over all feelings of good health. In this session your constitution will be identified along with any imbalances and we will create a daily self care plan you are committed to, pulling from wisdom that has been passed down for centuries to promote natural beauty and good health.

The Ojas Session is right for you if you are fatigued, experiencing 'burn-out', hold the mindset of 'self-sacrificer', feelings of dullness, lacking inspiration, a new mama, experiencing life changes, working with chronic illness and are seeking moments of compassion and loving-kindness in your daily routine.

Bask in the glow of true self love and care, schedule an Ojas Session with Janae