Kapha is the Earth Goddess of the Doshas- she is steady and graceful, a natural nurturer. Kapha types are dependable and go above and beyond to serve- they offer a sweetness to their Pitta and Vata friends, while these same friends help motivate and inspire Kapha to get out and try new things.

Every dosha is beautiful and necessary to support life. As we go through each dosha you will be able to connect and relate to how these elements play in our lives. There are both positive and seemingly negatives to each one, all part of the cosmic balancing act we must learn during this human experience. Lets get a good look at the qualities of Kapha.

Qualities: moist, cold, heavy, dull, soft, sticky, static {stagnant}

Season / Time of Day: Late Winter to Early Spring, 6am/pm-10am/pm

Appearance: Earth Mama Kapha is curvy and sumptuous with a larger build. Though bone structure is larger than Pitta and Vata types, Kapha's may be tall or short. You have beautiful smooth and supple skin with few 'imperfections'. Your forehead is on the smaller side with full and voluminous hair that tends toward wavy or curly and dark in color. Kapha's have big round and expressive eyes with larger facial features. Ama {toxins} appears on the tongue in a thick white coating.

Body Tendencies: Because Kapha is made of Earth and Water elements this mind body type tends to have slower metabolism leading to weight gain or difficulty losing weight and water retention. Appetite is light unless out of balance and Kaphas should take care to eat only when hungry. There is an aversion to vigorous activity though this is most desirable for your body type and you have the most stamina and endurance out of the doshas. If there was a gold medal for champ sleepers it would always go to a Kapha type- they rarely have trouble falling and staying asleep. Kaphas tend toward thick, melodious voices and move with grace and ease- a prominent celebrity who embodies this dosha beautifully is Adele.

Mind Tendencies: Kaphas are the nurturing, the compassionate, caring, and ever-listening-to-all-your-woe's friend. With a strong sense of self, Kaphas can be an emotional rock for the emotional Vata friend and the sweetness that a Pitta type needs. Kaphas have wonderful memory banks, which can be both positive and negative as they can hold a grudge for a long time! Kaphas are lovers and committers in both friendship and romantic relationships. They show their love by baking you cookies or showing up with a gift right when you need it.

Imbalances: Because of Kaphas natural slow moving tendencies depression, lethargy, and complacency are good indicators of an imbalance. Emotionally Kapha types become attached, clingy, possessive, or excessively introverted. Kapha types tend to be empathetic to a fault and will absorb everyone's emotions around them- this can weigh them down and tilt the balance of their own emotional scale. Out of balance a Kapha may have trouble understanding and comprehending new concepts which they will then easily give up- consistent encouragement will help a 'stuck' Kapha get moving again.

Back to Balance: If any or many of the imbalances above rang true to you there are things you can try on your own. The longer an imbalance goes unchecked the deeper it manifests and may create a domino effect through the systems of the body, mind, and spirit. If you feel you are in later stages of imbalance including chronic illness, mild to deep depression, obsessive type behavior, or excessive lethargy/fatigue, be advised to see a health care practitioner and an Ayurvedic counselor. For more mild cases of these imbalances that can take place by aggravating our doshas due to lifestyle or season you can implement daily routines, or dinacharya to bring harmony back to your body.

  • Eat a Kapha pacifying diet {Kaphas have the green light of cofffeeee! yay!}
  • Meditate on non-attachment
  • Practice receiving between all the giving and create healthy boundaries
  • Practice saying 'No'
  • Wear warming and joyful colors like red, orange, and gold
  • Have a regular sleep routine and avoid naps
  • Participate in group physical activities like a dance class, yoga, or running/walking club

If you are a Kapha type wanting to know more about your constitution, in need of finding some more balance in your life, and would like to work one-on-one contact me for a consultation and tap into your most loving, nurturing Kapha self!