Fiery Pitta Babes I dedicate this to you! Driven, focused, goal oriented and confident you are the go-getter's and get it done force. Intelligent, passionate, and task master you are both inspiring and intimidating. Pitta is the energy of transformation, using the mobile powers of Vata to create your reality.

Every dosha is beautiful and necessary to support life. As we go through each dosha you will be able to connect and relate to how these elements play in our lives. There are both positive and seemingly negatives to each one, all part of the cosmic balancing act we must learn during this human experience. Lets get a good look at the qualities of Pitta.

Qualities: hot, sharp, light, liquid, spreading, oily

Season / Time of Day: Summer, hours of 10am/pm - 2am/pm

Appearance: The subtle essence of Pitta is Tejas- this essence is what gives a radiant glow to the eyes, skin, hair, and personality. Pitta Goddesses are of medium build and medium height- I am reminded of Goldilocks preference for being 'just right'. The fiery characteristic of Pitta comes through in red or light/reddish hair, medium sized eyes that sparkle with your intelligence, you have the build of an athlete and enjoy competitive sports. Your nose is sharp and pointed with medium sized teeth that tend toward yellow. Your nails are a healthy shade of pink and the tongue is typically well moist and pink or red. Any ama {toxic coating} on the tongue would be light yellow to more concerning dark yellow.

Body Tendencies: Pittas had best be on a regular food schedule because the term 'Hangry' was coined just for you! You tend towards a stronger agni {digestive fire} and are prone to heartburn or indigestion post meal. You may eliminate on the regular but often it feels 'incomplete' and is softer. Your urine may also be a shade of yellow despite proper hydration. You move with purpose and enjoy a challenging sport that exerts you- another reason hydrating regularly is important. Because of your go go go mentality during the day you tend towards a good nights sleep but can be considered a 'light sleeper'. Menstrual cycles are regular but can be heavy and last longer than your fellow Vata and Kapha types due to your internal furnace. You are sensitive to sunlight and heat; rashes, burns, and blemishes are your normal so keep that SPF and coconut oil nearby! You perspire easy and prefer more temperate of climates.

Mind Tendencies: You are loud, honest, and carry a don't give a damn attitude and lead naturally with your directive approach. Often times you find yourself being elected as a leader even when you don't go after it as others see your drive and potential. You are intelligent, observant, and have a great memory even under stress. You are fun and joyful, quite robust and good communicators which makes you an excellent companion. Pittas like a good challenge and enjoy work that uses these passionate qualities. Just look around at strong lawyers, doctors, politicians, designers, entrepreneurs and you will see Pitta in action.

Imbalances: Pitta's are known for their to-do lists and perfectionism. This extreme 'burning-the- candle-at-both-ends' mentality creates a lot of inner mental heat. Aggravated by chasing extra energy through caffeine, over working, eating spicy foods, and pushing oneself too hard at the gym will lead to over-heating. When excess heat builds in the body Pittas may experience heartburn, indigestion, diarrhea, hyperacidity, canker sores, fear, anger, hatred, and jealousy.

Back to Balance: If any or many of the imbalances above rang true to you there are things you can try on your own. The longer an imbalance goes unchecked the deeper it manifests and may create a domino effect through the systems of the body, mind, and spirit. If you feel you are in later stages of imbalance including chronic illness, serious digestive disruptions, obsessive type behavior, or elevated anger/anxiety, be advised to see a health care practitioner and an Ayurvedic counselor. For more mild cases of these imbalances that can take place by aggravating our doshas due to lifestyle or season you can implement daily routines, or dinacharya to bring harmony back to your body.

  • Pittas need some extra sweet in their life, follow a Pitta balancing diet to limit spice
  • Avoid caffeine, alcohol, and other stimulants
  • Spend time in nature, find a shady place by some water to mentally and physically cool off
  • Do an activity that doesn't involve competition- even with yourself
  • Sweetness comes in other forms than just candy, make sure to smile and laugh often!
  • Take cooler showers
  • Daily self massage with coconut oil and cooling essential oils like Eucalyptus or Lavender

If you are a Pitta type wanting to know more about your constitution, in need of finding some more balance in your life, and would like to work one-on-one contact me for a consultation and tap into your most vibrant, brilliant, Pitta self!