Calling all Goddesses of the Wind! Imaginative, vivacious, spontaneous, and sensitive Vata Babes- comprised of air and ether, you hate to be tied down, love a good time, you are the the life force that helps to support and perpetuate Pitta and Kaphas forward. Vata literally translates to 'that which moves things'- bringing mobility and change to the world around you.

Every dosha is beautiful and necessary to support life. As we go through each dosha you will be able to connect and relate to how these elements play in our lives. There are both positive and seemingly negatives to each one, all part of the cosmic balancing act we must learn during this human experience. Lets get a good look at the qualities of Vata.

Qualities: Dry, Rough, Light, Cold, Subtle, Mobile

Season/ Time of Day: Fall to Early Winter, hours of 2am/pm- 6am/pm

Appearance: Vata babes tend to be of slender frame and more delicate bone structure. Smaller joints that protrude and often struggle gaining weight or keeping weight on! Your facial features tend to be smaller than average- small thin nose, dark colored eyes, small mouths and often with crooked or irregular shaped teeth. Your lips are wispy and thin- darker in color and the tongue tinged gray. Dry is the most common complaint for hair, skin, and nail {You spend $$ on lotions and potions to combat!} Hair is typically darker in shade, nails tend to have ridges and break easily, and skin is dry- tending to wrinkle easy with age. Think Mick Jagger, Courtney Cox, and Keira Knightly. {Not to shabby, right?}

Body Tendencies: Knowing the qualities of Vata you can begin to see how these play out in your over all wellness and bodily functions. Because the wind governs your movements you tend to ... well ... move! Fidgeting, restlessness, and the need to move is common. You enjoy variety in your activity and activity that is stimulating though you may tire easily from over exerting. Vata's tend towards an irregular appetite {leading to trouble keeping weight on or gaining}, and poor digestive fire {agni}. This also leads to irregular bowel movements and are prone to constipation. Your menstrual cycle has a mind of its own, blood flow is light, and you tend to experience the most extreme of cramps. A goods night sleep may look like 3-4 hours of not waking as Vata types have trouble falling asleep and staying asleep and may dream a lot. You talk fast and sometimes lose people as you jump from one thought to another and your voice is soft and wispy. You worship the sun and enjoy hot heat, as you are naturally more cold you enjoy the more tropical of climates.

Mind Tendencies: Vata Goddesses are creative and communicative- you like to be the center of attention! Vatas are more inclined to Spiritual experiences as their minds and spirit tend to already be floating around in the ether. You are imaginative, sensitive, and intuitive. You enjoy a wide variety of activities and don't like to stick to just one thing for too long. You are a renaissance woman {or man} and a Jill {or Jack} of all trades, dipping your toes into whatever interests you. Your Pitta and Kapha friends may not understand this about you and consider you 'flaky', however, this is how you get the most joy out of life! Vata's do well in people oriented jobs where they can inspire others and enjoy creative problem solving. Due to your sensitivity and adeptness to spiritual practices Vata's make wonderful energy healers and practitioners. Because Vatas are subtle and mobile just like energy they are more keen to pick up on vibrational changes and shifts.

Imbalances: Vata's move, if they aren't moving on the outside they are most certainly swirling on the inside. Vata Babes may be more prone to mood swings and be more responsive to others projected energies. If a Vata is out of balance she may experience weight loss, lack of appetite, insomnia, anxiety, fear, feelings of being ungrounded, adopt addictive behaviors, become disorganized and scattered, have poor short term memory, make hasty decisions, start and abandon projects, have trouble letting things go {may manifest in constipation}.

Back to Balance: If any or many of the imbalances above rang true to you there are things you can try on your own. The longer an imbalance goes unchecked the deeper it manifests and may create a domino effect through the systems of the body, mind, and spirit. If you feel you are in later stages of imbalance including chronic illness, serious nutrition deficiencies, chronic fatigue, or severe anxiety/depression, be advised to see a health care practitioner and an Ayurvedic counselor. For more mild cases of these imbalances that can take place by aggravating our doshas due to lifestyle or season you can implement daily routines, or dinacharya to bring harmony back to your body.

  • Eat warm cooked foods to stoke digestive fire and lubricate the digestive tract
  • Warm Body massage with Sesame Oil
  • Walk at a steady pace in nature- keeping warm
  • Meditate daily- tune into the root chakra when feeling particularly 'ether-like'
  • Vata's have permission to nap! Avoid caffeine and instead honor your bodies need to rest
  • Have a consistent outlet for your creative endeavors and passions
  • Start your day with warm lemon water and a good tongue scraping

If you are a Vata type looking for more balance, are curious what your own constitution may be, and are interested in working one-on-one on wellness goals through consultations, I'd love to work with you.